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Women’s Pelvic Health
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Women's pelvic health specialists

Helping women improve their pelvic health.

Far too many women put up with problematic pelvic health issues that are sometimes blamed on age and childbirth. Physiotherapy can be an effective way of improving symptoms and helping you get back to the activities you enjoy with confidence. Typical pelvic issues that we treat are:

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

What to expect from your first appointment

You can expect the following during your first appointment.


Discussion forms an important part of your initial consultation so we can fully understand your issues and the history behind them. We will also ask you some questions about your medical history and lifestyle and what you would like to achieve through physiotherapy.

Physical Assessment

Depending on your symptoms, we may assess your posture and the mobility in your hips, sacroiliac joints and lower back as well as testing your nerves and muscles. For many pelvic health issues, a vaginal and/or rectal examination may be suggested. This is always your choice and examination will be discussed with you on the day.

Treatment planning

At the end of the session, we will discuss the findings of the assessment as well as the treatment options that would be helpful or appropriate for you. You may also be given some exercises or other things to work on at home. Read more about treatment options below.

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Treatment options

There are a wide range of treatment options available and the following are some of the ways we can help treat your pelvic issues: